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Tatra 815 HAS Granada – Dakar 1995

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The legendary Tatra truck, with which the crew of Karel Loprais won the Rallye Dakar in 1995. The metal model with the 1:43 scale will please not only the collectors, but all fans of Czech brands and toys. Thanks to quality handmade and durable materials, you don’t have to be afraid to leave the toy to your kids.


Detailed Description

In 1995, the 17th season of the popular Dakar Rally took place. Tatra again set up two crews with T 815 4 × 4 HAS cars, the first in the composition of Loprais, Stachura and Tomeček (No.411), the second in the composition of Buchtyár, Kořen and Krpec (No.414). The race, which eventually ended victorious for the first crew, was at the end very dangerous. Loprais's Tatra helped to rescue the sunken Mitsubishi Pajero of Jutta Kleinschmidt from a deep sand. When Tomáš Tomeček pulled the rope to attach her car, the German woman started to back up unexpectedly and without any reason and squeezed him between the cars. Tomas's life was saved by a quality helmet. Fortunately, the only loss was his crushed watch.

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