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Tatra 815 Fire Engine

Product code: 4.61500 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 61500 1 Code of supplier: 8594988 61500 1
€ 53,31
€ 52,92
€ 44,10 without VAT
In stock

Getting fast and on time to a place, where someone is waiting for fireman's helping hand, is quite impossible without the right technique. And our Tatra definitely has the right technique… It is creative greatness and a masterpiece of the best designers. We are convinced that a firefighter and Tatra definitely belong together, they make and excellent pair. Do you also agree?


Detailed Description

The model of the fire-fighting emergency vehicle is made of printed sheet metal. The water nozzle on the roof of the vehicle is rotatable.
The length of the vehicle is 17 cm.

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