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Ursus C-360 yellow

Product code: 4.34606 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 34606 6 Code of supplier: 8594988 34606 6
€ 68,18
€ 67,68
€ 56,40 without VAT
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Fans and collectors prayers answered! After several years, we are introducing a new brand to our portfolio! This time it is the Ursus C-360, a tractor originally from our northern neighbours in Poland. However, you will also find a Czech touch in this model, as the Polish side cooperated with the legendary Zetor company in the development of this model. Want to know more about the history of the brand? Then check out the article in our magazine that we have prepared especially for the launch.


Detailed Description

The movement of the functional model is provided by a unique clockwork machine. The gearbox has 3 speeds forward, neutral and reverse

The tractor can actually be steered by the steering wheel and also braked by the handbrake.  
- 100% Czech product   
- made and assembled with a lot of hand work 
- collector's model   
- beautiful craftsmanship 
- scale 1:25 
- key drive   
product dimensions: 16 x 9 x 9 cm net/gross weight: 0,394/0,990 kg

How to do it: pull the handbrake, insert the key into the hole in the right rear wheel, pull clockwise until you feel a stronger resistance. Place the tractor on a flat surface, shift to any speed, use the steering wheel to adjust the direction of travel and release the handbrake. The speed (direction of travel) varies according to the gear you select. Warning! Never pull the machine to the left and do not overstretch it, it may be destroyed.  

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