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Variant - The polytechnic building kit

Product code: 4.50426
€ 40,91
€ 40,68
€ 33,90 without VAT
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A classic bolt and a nut are companions for children through their whole life.

Building kits give children a chance to play freely and allow them to build various shapes and units.  They can develop motor skills, as well as spatial imagination, fantasy and patience. They can also be used repeatedly and often last for many years. To younger children they can help to develop the perception of colours, shapes and the already mentioned fine motor skills, and to older children they can help to understand basic mathematical or physical phenomena.
Our building kit is a traditional and quality product of the Czech Republic.

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Detailed Description

Description: The polytechnic building kit with various plastic parts. A wide range of different constructions made according to the enclosed manual or your own imagination.
Set contains 280 parts, including the accessories (2 pcs of cogwheels with a chain of 50 segments).
Dimensions: 330*270*80mm; weight 1000 g
Material: plastic in pastel colours
Packaging: box with an ear

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