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Old-timer Car

Product code: 4.45600 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 45600 0 Code of supplier: 8594988 45600 0
€ 35,54
€ 35,28
€ 29,40 without VAT
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Special offer valid until 8th December 2023.

A plane landed at the airport, from which various objects are unloaded, including an old car…. that's how the story of cars, races and racers begins. It is about the endless enthusiasm of eternal boys for engines, races, the smell of gasoline, but above all it is about the skill of people with the skill to do something and show the world what a car should look like. Come and experience such a story with our metal "Grandfather"


Detailed Description

Sonderangebot gültig bis 8. Dezember 2023.

It is a shame to keep some of the collector models only on the shelf, when you can have a wonderfull time playing with them. Old-timer car excites little boys and their grandfathers. The movement of this car model allows a spring movement pulled by a lever.
100% Czech product
Movement of the car allows a spring movement pulled lever
Beautiful craftsmanship


Product dimensions: 14x8x10 cm



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