Cable car Lomnický štít

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With Kovap you can feel like in the mountains! How do we mean it? Well, simply as we write it ...

Our Cableway won’t be able to take you to the highest mountains, but you will enjoy a lot of "high-altitude" experiences with it.

The fully functional cable car made of traditional sheet metal can also be a beautiful stylish and functional accessory not only to the children's room. How about sending messages up to the distance of five meters at a maximum elevation of 0.5 meters?

An amazing fun for all generations!

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Detailed Description

You can attach the enclosed string with the length of 5 m between the two fixed points or hang it with the help of the enclosed rubber rings. With this length, the elevation can be a maximum of 0.5 m. There is a hole in the floor, where a key and a brake are kept. If you want to wind up the clockwork, you have to keep the brake in the "0" position. The cable car will move in the direction from the brake to the keyhole. Then you put the cable car on the tensioned string with the grooves of the drive gear and release the brake to the "I" position, which will set the cableway in motion.

Scale 1:43
Key drive
Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 11,5 cm
Weight: 0,28 kg 
Manufactured since 2011.


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