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Tractor Kovap 75 - red

Product code: 4.38201 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 38201 9
2 180,00 Kč
1 816,67 Kč without VAT
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It may be hard to believe but it really has been 75 years since the Sedlák brothers founded our brand. 75 years of high quality toy’s production. That is really something special! Let us celebrate this by this special limited edition of tractors. We designed them in two colours and made 750 pieces from each. The colours available are red and yellow. The tractor was designed in cooperation with Lenka Svatošová from gentle & more studio.



Detailed Description

Anniversary model features:

  • leather steering wheel and driver’s seat
  • wagon type front and rear wheels
  • life-like agriculture design tyres
  • metal plate on the front displaying number 75
  • key shaped radiator coolant cap
  • package contains printed catalogue showcasing history of our company and all products

The movement of the functional model is provided by a unique clockwork wound up with a key. The gearbox has 3 gears forward, neutral and reverse. The tractor can really be controlled by the steering wheel and it can even be braked by the hand brake.    

  • Czech product
  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Scale 1:25
  • Key drive
  • Product dimensions: 16 x 9 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 0,394/0,990 kg

Please note: tractors will not be numbered!

How to do it: Pull the parking brake, insert the key in the hole in the right back wheel, pull clockwise until you feel stronger resistance.
Place the tractor on the ground, gear any speed you want, adjust the driving direction with the steering wheel and release the parking brake. The speed (direction of travel) varies according to the gear selected.

Warning! Never wind up the mechanism to the left and do not tighten it up, it could be damaged. Recommendation:  By following these tips, you can enjoy and have fun with our tractors much longer.

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