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Mercedes MB 335 Fire Engine - Crane

Product code: 4.62901 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 62901 5 Code of supplier: 8594988 62901 5
€ 36,78
€ 36,48
€ 30,40 without VAT
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Firefighters are coming even with their fire engines. They have helmets, ladders, hooks, and also baskets ..Has it always been your dream to be a fireman? And do you have this great piece at home? No? Well, with just one click, your dream can come true.


Detailed Description

The metal model of Mercedes fire truck equipped with a winch and a hook.

 The model is also equipped with a rotating crane and a lifting mechanism. The hook position can be locked in the required position.

  •  "Safe toys" certificate
  • Age: 6+
  • Scale: 1:43
  • Material: powder coated sheet metal.
  • Length: 15 cm
  • Country of origin: Czech Republic

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