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Mercedes MB 335 Fire Engine

Product code: 4.62801 SKU manufacturer: 8594988 62801 8 Code of supplier: 8594988 62801 8
€ 36,78
€ 36,48
€ 30,40 without VAT
In stock

What does that mean, when the siren sounds?

Fearless firefighters are quickly coming to the fire.

If you see a fire flicker, call the firefighters right away!

Our beautiful red model brightens the eyes of every firefighter of all ages.


Detailed Description

Age 6+

The Mercedes MB 335 model is made of powder-coated printed sheet metal. The model is equipped with a telescopic ladder that can be lifted and rotated by a gear mechanism.


The length of the model is 17 cm. The ladder extension length is 28 cm.


Scale 1:43

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